Seguimos completando la lista de palabras de difícil traducción al inglés. Ya presentamos las palabras que empiezan con A y ahora publicamos la segunda lista de términos, con su traducción y usos posibles.

Letras B y C

Basado en: to be the base for, to be based on, on the basis of

Basarse: to draw on (e. g. this work draws on sb’s theory), to rely on (facts, ideas)

Brindar (información ): to make available, to provide, to furnish

Buscar (una meta): to seek, to pursue

Clarificar: to shed, to throw light on, to explain, to clarify

Compuesto de: composed of (committee, workers, experts, etc.), sample made up of (subjects, teachers, women, etc.)

Componerse de: to consist of, to comprise, to encompass

Concebir: to envisage (imagine), to conceive, to devise (a plan, a project, a proposal), to come up with an idea

Concientizar:  to sensitize sb to sth, to raise public awareness

Concordar con: to be consistent with, to be in line with, in accordance with, in keeping with

Confiable (persona): reputable, dependable